Sunday, April 26, 2009

enCouraging Bliss: My Happy Place

Christine (BlissChick) encouraged us to create a collage that represents our Happy Place. Collaging is new to me but I've been wanting to try it for a while and Christine's prompt made it fun! I could create dozens of Happy Place collages!

I apologize that the photos are so small. I used Mosaic Maker and Flickr to create this so if anyone knows how to save the collage so it appears larger, please let me know. :)

It's interesting to look at the choices people make when collaging. As I look at my choices, beauty is apparent. Beauty has always given me a high, as I'm sure it does most people, but digging deeper I find comfort, warmth, solitude, spirit, celebration, culture and knowledge. What do you see?

For more Happy Places, please check out Christine's Blisschick blog on enCouraging Bliss.


  1. I see the joy of life in all her facets :)

  2. Your happy place is lovely, Pamela!

  3. This is indeed a lovely, happy place. The photo 4th down 2nd from the right of the people dancing is really joyful.

  4. Gorgeous! I see both contemplation and celebration here. Love the colors!

  5. I love how your collage represents all of the seasons -- a very well-rounded happy place, I think. :)

    And I, of course, love the little hobbit house in the lower right hand corner. OH TO LIVE IN A HOBBIT HOUSE!!!

  6. Ohhhh...what a fun exercise!

    I might haffta give that a go at some point.

  7. Lovely collage.

    Why don't you download Picasa ( You can make collages of different sorts with that program, and save them full size. There are lots of other things to do with the program, re: enhancing photographs... plus it links with Blogger... and it's free!


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