Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sleeping with Bread - Twilight Zone

Sleeping with Bread is about finding that one thing that will get you through, carry you over, and hold you tight. It's about having something to hold on to when times are rough and even when they're not. It's also about being the one to provide that lifeline when it's called upon.

The last few weeks have been strange, like I've been in limbo, almost like a Twilight Zone episode where I'm riding a bus that goes nowhere. It just keeps on going.

Negative moments during the ride:

1. Being unsure of whether or not I should continue my involvement in a particular group effort. Am I still receiving benefit from it? What is my motivation for continuing to be involved? Could my time be put to better use? Is it still fun? Is that enough? I don't want to let anyone down but I often feel like my voice and involvement are not truly respected.

2 Like many others, I'm still concerned about how the economy is affecting my employment.

3. Not being sure of what to do in certain situations with my son. Sometimes, I feel like I've exhausted all efforts and ideas and just don't know where to turn. For the most part, I think we live with his Aspergers Syndrome pretty well. He's grown and learned so much but every once in a while, there are days of feeling stuck. All of us, caught in thought and behavior patterns that get us nowhere. Thank God for the few and far between moments of "Aha! We could try this!" I just wish they'd happen more the One upstairs! :)

Positive moments during the ride:

1. Completing a fun design and form creation project at work.

2. Starting after-dinner family walks a few times each week.

3. Receiving two blog awards from women I respect and admire.

4. Being an ear and shoulder when a friend really needed it.

5. Witnessing my son's growing maturity and more clear and flexible thinking.

6. Knowing my husband is by my side no matter what crazy thing I decide to do.

What do we hold on to in times of doubt and indecision? What do we do when we don't know what to do, when no one path looks more promising than the next?

We hold on to what has proven true in the past. We may not always know where we're going but we can trust the One who will take us there. Whether you believe in God, your Inner-Goddess or someone else, know that these times of uncertainty will pass and He, and you, can be trusted to get you through. These times bring growth, build character and strengthen faith.

I'm holding on to Him, my family, friends and me. Doing so will not only benefit me, but help me to be that lifeline when I receive the call.

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  1. Wonderful and deeply honest post Pamela!I could have written it myself this morning!! So glad you did!! I was unaware you have a son with Aspergers, I have worked with so many kiddos over the years. I honor your dedcation and undertand your stress. They are a joy and a challenge.
    I am at present dealing with a 16 year old bipolar daughter and understand feeling stuck and in the Twilight Zone - I'm there at the moment!
    Huge hugs and hang in there!! Namaste, Sarah

  2. Pamela, we do go through those times of being completely disoriented, don't we? Often, just when we think we have things figured out and know where we are, we look out the window and wonder what happened. Good for you, for staying on the bus, and staying on the bus, and being honest about how you see things - and staying on the bus! With warmth...

  3. My daughter said to me this afternoon (in plea of wanting to go on a road trip soon), " It's not about where you arrive, but the journey that gets you there.

    Keep on hanging in there. Thanks for being another example of my bread this week too! Lemons and all.

  4. Oh, I know this 'Twilight Zone' place you speak of.....

    There's a feeling of disconnect for me as of late--and I know I'm the one who's moved, yaknow?

    You hold on to good's about the journey that gets you there. (what a wise child she has.....)

  5. I think you've got great perspective...

    and I LOVE the idea of the after-dinner family walks. I bet those help with your perspective, too.

    Have a great week!


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