Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm having all sorts of trouble with this blog and I'm not sure if this will even get posted. I understand some of you have had trouble commenting here as well. I'm not sure what to do but I'm considering transferring everything to WordPress. My links to all my blogging friends are here at this site and I've had difficulty getting to them when I'm bumped off this blog without warning. There have been so many issues here and I don't know if it is Blogger or something I've done with or added to my site. Maybe a little of both.

Having these issues with my blog has had a bright side in that it forced me to step away after getting frustrated enough and I think I needed that down time. I've known for some time but have finally admitted to myself that I must cut back a bit, participate in only a few memes, not be so obsessed with everything to do with this blog. It has become unhealthy and I've spent too much time at all these different blogs I've started. A Touch of Inspiration has become so special to me because I have met so many beautiful people through it. I will keep this blog (here at Blogger or transferred somewhere else) but I'm going to close up some of the newer blogs I've started. I think two blogs should be enough in addition to participating in my group blog, Texty Ladies. I've I'm going to write that novel or book of poetry (or any of the many projects I'd like to work on) I've got to make the time for it.

Hopefully, these words will post. If I decide to transfer this blog elsewhere, I'll definitely let you know where.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Memorial Day and weekend! See you tomorrow or Wednesday for more wishcasting!


  1. Oy......MULTIPLE weblogs?! You're ambitious. LOL I, on the other hand--just keep on keepin' on. But it's my space and I've claimed it, dangit. LOL

    I've not had a problem with posting comments UNLESS I just the enter key at the end of the comment. WHY that is, dunno....but even then if I give it a second go, it gets done.

    Do what's best for you, yaknow? While I'm one who wonders about folks who take leave, I fully understand the need to sometimes do that. Healthy--balance--moderation....I get some of that. *laughing* Some--notsomuch!

    *hugs* Take care of YOU, eh?

  2. You may want to try using Firefox browser instead in IE. That seems to be helping others.

  3. I hope everything works out well for you! I think Blogger has a few glitches now and again.

  4. Hope it all turns out well! Hugs! :)


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