Saturday, March 21, 2009

Devi, You're a Woman Now.

Devi, a literary cat already
(Neil Gaiman, eh? Good taste, girl!)

Our little miss Devi was spayed this week and has now joined her sister in kitty womanhood. The act of having what would be the equivalent of a hysterectomy has made me think of them more as mature women (cats). Like a rite of passage. They came out of the fire stronger, resilient, brave.

I, of course, was a complete mess the entire time the kitties were separated from us. They've become such an important part of our lives, so dear and lovable; I couldn't bear to lose them. Why do we imagine the worst happening, almost prepare ourselves for the event, when it is so unlikely?

I'm just happy to report that Devi bounced back quickly and endured the two days of hissing and pseudo attacks she received from Kali until the vet scent disappeared and Kali recognized her once again. Now, she's back to being herself, a nurturing sister and sweetie pie. :)

(Pre-surgery. A current shot like this might be indelicate.)


  1. Awwww, she's such a sweet kitty. Well wishes to her.

  2. Ohhhh..... What a cute kitty, all lovin' with the other.

    I'm glad she's home and doing well. And I do understand that worry cuz I've been known to borrow a trouble or two....or three...LOL

  3. How adorable! I couldn't sleep when Stinky stayed overnight at the vet after getting neutered. So, I know exactly how you felt. :)

    Glad she back to herself :)

  4. Good for you for being a responsible pet owner. That's so admirable - and kind to your cat. Good job!

  5. aWWW she is so cute and they are both so sweet!! it is wonderful that you are a responsible pet owner. When we got our dog fixed i felt like she was more of a woman too lol...


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