Monday, March 9, 2009

Simply Kind Tuesdays - Facebook Experiment

Over at that incredible time suck of a social network, Facebook, I discovered the Karma Experiment - Pay It Forward.


Start something positive by sending good karma to every one of your friends by inviting them to this experiment.


To increase a person's karma by doing a random act of kindness.

In the instructions, it says not only to invite all of your friends to participate but to also commit one random act of kindness and grade your life improvement after participating.

How is our life affected by sprinkling random acts of kindness all around our individual worlds? We should be commiting these acts with the receiver's benefit in mind but after doing so, how has it changed us? What have we learned from it?

Go on, give it a try this week and report back with what you have discovered.

Happy sprinkling!


  1. Hmm... I've been doing this for over a year. I didn't know there was a pay off! ;)

    Good job! I love how you find ways to bring more kindness into the world.

  2. Tenfold--that's what I always get back! (when my motives are 'pure'--had to add that!)

    I'm always up for RAK.
    I'm just not always timely.....

    Be warned!
    Oh, and be warned that I don't have Facebook stuff.
    Geeze, it's enough that I learned how to type in little boxes, dontchathink! LOL

    Have a wondrous time of it!


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