Sunday, March 22, 2009


My interview with talented romance author Melody Lane will post this Thursday, March 26, at Texty Ladies.

Poetry Play Thursday will return the following week, when we'll start our celebration of National Poetry Month.

The Texty Ladies are publishing a free ezine (through free subscription) in May and are accepting submissions of the following:

flash fiction
writing and art tutorials
writing and art workshops
and more...

related to Spring, beginnings, fresh starts, growth, new love, renewed get the idea.

Send submissions and/or questions to:

Submission deadline: April 15, 2009

Compensation: As we are unable to pay for your work, compensation will be in the form of advertising and promotion. We hope to be able to compensate monetarily for future work at some point.


  1. Pamela I wonder if she knows my sister??? I'll ask. Ijust pimped Barb's new romance on my blog!! I'm off to check out her book!!! Blessings, Sarah

  2. Wow you're an energetic gal!

    What a project (or twelve!) you've taken on.
    I certainly hope for a good return for your investment!

    *sending positive thoughts*

  3. Thanks, Mel! If only I could spend more time on fun projects like this and less on some other things. :)


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