Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

My husband returned to Indiana for his grandmother's surprise 80th birthday party where he'd visit with family and relatives he hasn't seen in many years; some he's never even met.

I sent along the digital camera so he could make sure to take lots of photos and come back and tell me all about everyone. I've only met his immediate family.

When he returned (a good time was had by all and yes, his grandmother was surprised!), this is one of the three photos he had taken:

the family dog

Two photos of Lucy and one of a cat who may or may not still be living with his family. No human photos whatsoever. Sigh. I guess he was having too much fun. :) You've got to admit that Lucy, in all her scruffy cuteness, is quite photogenic!

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  1. Hey now....Lucy IS part of the family. LOL [typical guy tho if you want my opinion]

    My Wordful this week is all about the birds and bees...errrr, um....maybe birds and cats. Is it Superman in the sky? Come find out.

  2. HELLOOOO...Lucy, like Hootin' Anni said, is FAMILY...just of the canine variety! LOL! She is a cutie! My hubby would have totally done the same thing!

  3. Lucy is cute, you never know when you give men a camera. . . they are SO funny!

  4. LOL! Lucy is lovely indeed. I can see why she eclipsed all the human photo specimen (spacy men)! hehehe

  5. What a sweet snap! And what an expression...thanks so much for sharing!

  6. That is sooooo funny! And exactly what my hubby does too.

    Very cute dog though!

  7. Yup.

    Zactly what himself did on his two week trip to England.

    I got pictures of rocks.


  8. That is so funny! My kids and husband are the same way when it comes to taking pictures. They would get the dog or cat first everytime!


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