Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sacred Life Sunday - Comfort Food

It may be a little late in the day to talk about comfort food since Spring has almost sprung, but we had chili and cornbread for dinner tonight and I want to sing its praises; not mine specifically, but comfort food in general.

It reached a balmy 52 degrees here today which was a welcome relief after below zero temps and bitter winds in the last few weeks. It seemed a little strange making this meal with the weather so lovely outside; almost like a last hurrah for winter.

There's just something about chili and cornbread, warm soup and crackers, mashed potatoes, casseroles (hot dish here in MN) and anything cheesy or gooey that comforts us and lifts our mood. I don't know that you could call it sacred but comfort food is definitely a happy place for many.

I've made a promise to myself to try to eat healthier foods this year but I don't think that means excluding these foods. Moderation is key, right? And many of these foods do hold nutritional value. During my few months with WeightWatchers, I learned oodles about portion control and that it is okay to enjoy what many would consider "non-diet" foods as long as it isn't too often. When you do decide to splurge, enjoy every minute of it. Turn off the television, put on some lovely music, light the candles, and savor every bite of those chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmmm....

Now that we're heading into Spring and salad season, I doubt that cornbread and chili will be on the menu again soon. I raise my wineglass high and salute the goodness of comfort food...until we meet again. (Okay, so I'm a little silly today.... sue me.)


  1. That looks absolutely yummy!!

  2. Ohhhhh no! No suing will happen by me!
    I'm thinkin' we're done.....or close to done with the chili for the season. Oh gosh, and it's always so good that first time.

    I'm looking forward to melons and corn on the cob........ohmygosh.....corn on the cob!

    NOW would be good. LOL

  3. LOL!

    If I sue you, I would have to sue myself. :)

    Both chili and cornbread look scrumptious! I raise my coffee mug in a toast to comfort food!

    Let the salads begin :)

  4. Amen, Sister! on the chili and cornbread.

  5. My tummy is rumbling reading this post and looking at those pictures. I want some right now. Being S. FL, if I waited for it to be below 50 to eat chili, I would never get any. I say, if you feel liek having it, forget what time of year it is, have moderation, of course. ;)


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