Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simply Kind Tuesdays - Bus Drivers

I want to give a big shout out today to a group of people who have to deal with a bunch of grumpy customers every morning....you guessed it, bus drivers. There are probably just as many grumpy bus drivers as there are passengers but every once in a while you run across one whose light shines brightly every morning which serves to cut through the fog and lighten our mood. I was lucky enough to enjoy the spirit of one such bus driver this morning.

Her cheery "good morning" and warm "bye now" sounded genuine each time a passenger got on or off the bus and her sweet smile simply confirmed it. Whenever someone sneezed, a "gezundheit" followed it. Maybe it doesn't sound like much but when you're half asleep, bundled up in several layers of clothing just to weather the 22 below to 15 above weather, and squeezed between a freezing cold window and a giant who is rammed into you because he's determined to claim his seat, this unforced cheeriness is a boon to the soul.

I've had bus drivers who swore, harassed riders, talked incessantly on the phone (a big no-no) and worse. I also had a bus driver who charmed us with his radio DJ commentary, another who took on a pilot persona, and one fine man who sang Christmas carols during the month of December.

If any bus drivers out there happen to be reading this, thank you so much for your cheery disposition and your kindness when waiting for us to run to the bus carrying three bulging bags and slipping on the ice. Thank you for driving safely and still getting us to work on time. And, a big thank you for putting up with a bunch of grumpy customers!


  1. Gosh, bus drivers so deserve a little kindness. Especially in this economy! They are a god send to all the people who just need to get around.

    Well done Pamela!

  2. I so very much agree with you, Pamela.

    A number of years ago our children relied on public transportation to take them home from a Christian school about 12 miles away from here. The drivers were all so concerned about their young charges. We really appreciated that!

  3. so very weird to be reading this post as the bus transit system in my city is on strike!!! and it's been almost two months!!! yipes!!!

    but i agree, it's such a heart warming thing to come across a genuinely nice bus driver!!!

    peace and love

  4. I know!! I always feel so bad for the bus drivers trying to drive safely with all those little voices giong... thank you so much for all your kind encouragement on my blogs!! it always makes my heart glad to see you have visited my blog... in response to your question about money.. yes he does this pretty often (we have only been married a year) and I have tried to have his family as well as our conselor talk to him I am hoping that he is realizing how destructive this is and will do better in the future... thanks so much!!!

  5. Oh, I remember the days of metro buses--gosh, and some of the wonderful drivers we had. If I didn't show up, they waited and worried.

    Today--it's a wee town with no transit stuff happening.
    I kinda miss that relationship with the bus driver who dressed in costumes. LOL He was a hoot!


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