Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm SO excited! Gypsy from Creative Soul Explosion has just awarded me my first individual award! I am so honored to receive it and want to thank Gypsy from the bottom of my heart. I have been having so much fun at this blog and am meeting so many wonderful people. I realize that I don't know all of you very well but I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

It's funny how we can feel an almost immediate connection with people we meet online. We read their words and they make us laugh, cry, thrill and commiserate. From Gypsy's comments, reading her profile and her blogs, I feel a certain kinship with her as we seem like sisters of the heart. Thank you, Gypsy, for your gift and encouragement!

I would like to tag and nominate the following incredibly creative and talented people for this award. I wish I could tag you all as I have received gifts of beauty and inspiration from so many!

1. Mel at Melsdream

2. Genie Sea at Realty-Insanity

3. Molly at Her Speak

4. Jamie Ridler at Jamie Ridler Studios and Starshyne Productions

5. Mary-LUE at Life, the Universe and Everything

6. Jennlui at A Trinket Treasury

Now, to name 7 Things I Love:

1. My God. I've had an up and down relationship with my God over the years and I pray that will mature with time. I've never blamed Him for anything or turned my back completely but I haven't always felt close. This is my doing, of course, and I'm grateful His arms are always open for this prodigal daughter.

2. My husband. He is the most supportive husband in the world and I am oh, so lucky he's mine! We get each other. He took a chance, moved many miles and away from his family just to be with my son and me. He's handsome, intelligent and creative, gives the best hand, foot and back rubs in the universe and even thinks I'm sexy in my mismatched jammies with mismatched socks, medusa hair and no make-up! Thank you, honey, for sharing your life with me.

3. My son. For many years, it was just the two of us and I know it was difficult for him when my husband entered the picture, but he's developed a good relationship with my husband and for that I am thankful. My son's imagination blows me away and he'll sneak a funny line in now and again that will double me over. :D I am humbled by his bravery and love him beyond measure. I look forward to watching you continue to grow in your adult years, punkin'. I guess you'll want me to stop calling you that, eh?

4. My family. My brothers, sister and I, along with our spouses, kids and their kids experienced the loss of both of my parents in the last year and a half. We've always been fairly close and made sure we got together for holidays and such and I wondered if that would change once my parents were no longer here. It was difficult doing all the things you have to do when someone passes but we got through it okay and still get together on occasion. If it's at all possible, I feel even more love for them now than before and I pray we will always make time for each other.

5. My friends. I love that feeling when you're with your friends and gabbing about something and you start to laugh, then get on a roll and just can't stop! Tears are streaming down your face and your gut starts to hurt. I'm so thankful I have friends who can share those times with me and who have also stayed with me through the not so laughable times.

6. My kitties. Devi and Kali are so much fun and I just love them like crazy! They have such different personalities: Devi is our little catdog as she likes to play fetch and have her tummy rubbed. She also loves to snuggle. Kali is the wild one and her antics, while often naughty, are quite funny and are good for a story at the watercooler. She's also very sweet and will sleep on your face if you'll let her.

7. My writing and art. For many years, I pushed them aside and I'm still getting used to exploring that side of me again. It's a wonderful feeling, although sometimes frustrating, and with the help of many of you and your wonderful blogs, I'm excited about the endless ideas there are to explore and projects to try out. Thank you.

Please stop over at my group blog, Texty Ladies, as we were awarded there as well! :D


  1. Congrats on the award!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. Oh thank you for the sweetness of thought! I look forward to getting to know you through your beautiful words and images. :)

    Much Joy, Many Blissings!~*

  3. Congratulations on your first blog award, Pamela! :)

  4. Oh, how wonderful! Thank you so very much. I can't wait to put this up. And I feel so honoured to be in such beautiful company.

    Thank you, Pamela!

  5. Holy buckets!!


    I'm honoured. Though I'm not sure I do the award 'justice'...


    Thank you, Pamela.

    Truly, the crossing of paths has been a pure pleasure.

  6. Congratulations! And more power to your writing and creativity. I'm just starting to get brave enough to submit my work after a long hiatus. Oh, and my cat Shadow has a propensity for lying on my skirts and pinning me down until it's time to eat. Guess she doesn't want her food source to go anywhere. :-)

  7. Thank you sweetie for the award! I will be posting on it today, finally! Sorry it took so long. :)

  8. oooohhhhh pamela!!! thank you thank you thank you!!! so very sorry to not have been by sooner to pick up this absolutely awesome award... everyone at trinket manor has been sick this month and so now back to health i am having more time for my visits in blogland. i can't wait to post about this!!!

    thank YOU!!! and i SO look forward to getting to know you better through images and words!!! blogland is indeed a magical place for beautiful connections!!!

    peace and much love to you pamela!!!


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