Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - Hey, kitty, ain't it great bein' a girl?

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It's Wordful Wednesday again and I need HELP!!

This is our cutie pie kitten Kali. She is 7 months old and quite a handful. As of Monday, she is now in heat for the second time in the last month. We are about to tear our hair out from all the crying and whining and crouching in an unladylike manner. Yes, we should have spayed her and her sister Devi before now but the funds weren't there and we had set February as our time to get it done. Sigh... We feel for the poor thing and wish we could take away her suffering but there will be NO matchmaking for these kitties! I sometimes wonder if Kali questions why no suitors have come calling at our door. Maybe she understands that the 10, 15, 20 degree below zero weather might be holding them back. I'd hate for her to get a complex!

Please pray that Kali, and we, gain some peace!

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  1. Hi Pamela, thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is lovely. I look forward to visiting more often in the future!

    Kali is a cutie. I have 3 cats of my own (2 which need to be spayed...I feel your pain!). :)

  2. Poor kitty! and poor you! We had a very promiscuous cat in my growing up years. We always plenty of free kitties!

    Have a great day!

  3. Poor little thing!
    I pray it subsides very soon.
    Thank you for following my blog!
    I'm honored!

  4. Kitties in heat are a unique and annoying sound for sure. Hope you survive it with a little hair left on your head.

  5. As Pamela wishes for her and Kali and Devi, so I wish for them also.

    It's heartbreaking I know, but soon it will be settled. Best of luck to all of you! :)

  6. O

    I can only imagine..... *chuckling* Not that I'd wanna! ;-)

  7. HA! Great post! I love your kitten, MEOW!

  8. Kali is gorgeous! As for spaying, I would check with your vet about options. Are there any clinics that offer low-cost or free spaying services? Good luck!


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