Monday, February 2, 2009

Sleeping with Bread - Friends and Tools

This past week has been a busy one with visits to the dentist and doctor, interviews, and preparation for our Super Bowl party. Our party was a lot of fun but oh so much work. There's always a point in the midst of shopping, cleaning and cooking when my husband and I look at each other and ask, "Why are we doing this?"

We keep our house up okay but we're certainly not cleaning fanatics so there's always a bit of work before hosting a party but we're always glad once we've done it. This party was no exception and we know why we do it: we enjoy spending time with our friends in a relaxed environment with good food and a fun atmosphere. I've always enjoyed throwing parties but I wasn't sure my husband would feel the same way. Every since we decided to hold a Halloween party last year, he was hooked! He was just as obsessed with details as I can be. :)

We had a good time at yesterday's party and I think our guests did as well. This is what I'm thankful for this week: good friends (and family), good food, and good times. We had a somewhat odd mix of people over but everyone was friendly to each other and it felt more like one big group than several little groups. We sure know how to pick 'em!

What I am least thankful for this week are the OCD behaviors my son has been exhibiting lately. These behaviors will arrive, stay for awhile, and then are replaced by others or we get a temporary reprieve. The current behavior patterns are especially difficult to deal with and my husband and I are at our wits end as to what to do. If I haven't said so before, my son has Aspergers Syndrome (high functioning autism), Tourettes (mild) and Scoliosis. He does pretty well, is having a fantastic senior year at school, and for the most part is having a better time of it at home. It's just once in awhile, when these repetitive, OCD behaviors kick in that life gets more difficult.

I'm participating in NaBloPoMo again this month and switched it from my Dreaming in Digital blog to here. The theme this month is "Want." What I want the most right now is to find some tools we can use to help my son stop his current disruptive behavior patterns. Therapists have really been of no help in the past but if we could find one who could actually give us tools to use and not just tell us what we already know, I would be eternally grateful.

Have a very happy and productive week friends!


  1. Oh, but it was such a fun 4th quarter! And I'm in awe of anyone who actually LIKES giving parties. It's been years since I've even attempted--that's how much I like 'em. ;-)

    I'll hope for a creative intervention that will help you help your son. I do know how exhausting the disruptions (even if they're temporary) can become.
    Thank you for sharing your bread with us.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing... I have also felt very fortunate in my wonderful collection of friends. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day with them.

    I hope that you find those tools you are looking for to help your son.

  3. It is always a lot of work to have a party but in the end it always seems to be worth it. We don't have too many parties mostly because I'm not much of a social butterfly. When we do or our girls have a group friends coming over to hang-out it's always a good feeling to get all the "nooks and crannies" neat and tidy.

    I pray that you find that answers you need in helping your son.

  4. my thoughts and prayers to you...

    I have heard that those with Aspergers are sometimes geniuses... have you had him tested for that? Sometimes that's much knowledge is hard to deal with and process,and they channel that energy into other things.

  5. Best of all with your NaBloPoMo posting. I had a great time in December and January blogging away!


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